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Welcome to the SUCCESSion Podcast, a podcast by Lane Brothers Investment Counsel. Follow a founder on his journey to SUCCESSfully transition his over 3-decade old business to the next generation of advisors and clients.

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Podcast Episode 2: Getting to Know the Founder Kevin Lane

Description: On this episode, learn more about Kevin Lane and why he formed Lane Brothers in 1990.   What you will hear on this episode: Kevin Lane’s background and upbringing How Kevin started in the financial services industry What led Kevin to start Lane Brothers in 1990 Tease for t …

Podcast Episode 1: Introduction to the Podcast

  Description: This is the first episode to kick-off what the SUCCESSion podcast is and what viewers and listeners can expect. It’s our version of a reality show…but you’re not following us home!   What you will hear on this episode: What this SUCCESSion podcast IS, vs. how it is …