Meet Randy


Randy is an analytical problem solver by nature, so he takes great satisfaction in helping our clients understand the nature of the life and retirement financial puzzle. From there, he helps them fully understand and embrace creative ways they can move the pieces around to create the unique solution that is their own “financial life tapestry”.

Randy’s formal education is in finance and economics (MBA, UT Austin). His work experiences include operations and strategic finance roles with the semiconductor division of Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX and Japan) and Intel Corporation (New Mexico and Santa Clara, CA).

His wife, Carol (a successful medi-spa owner/operator) and he, have two daughters/step-daughters with families who also live in Arizona. Their favorite way to spend time is with the kids and grandkids hiking, sledding, running, building snowmen, and otherwise watching them thrive in and discover and absorb the world around them. Having been raised on a small “mini-farm” in New Mexico, Randy is a do-it-yourself tinkerer by nature. His most recent project is a house (next door to their own Prescott mountain home) which they have been refurbishing as a vacation rental.




Favorite food:

Too many to count. Red chile, blue corn tortilla, carne adovada enchiladas. Less cheese and more red chile. (Too much cheese is a way for chefs to hide mediocre work!)

Favorite quote:

Life will give you countless opportunities to be offended. Take none of them.

If he could meet anyone, past or present, it would be:

Shakespeare, John Adams, Lincoln, Churchill.

Favorite book:

Les Miserables (The play is a tepid sip of the real thing) – hope, love, redemption.

Favorite movie:

The Shawshank Redemption – again hope, love, redemption.

What motivates him:

Finding creative solutions to difficult problems.

Something on his bucket list:

Hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

Randy is not affiliated or registered with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC. Any information provided by Randy is in no way related to Cetera Advisor Networks LLC or its registered representatives.