Meet Megan


Working in the hospitality industry taught Megan many life lessons, the greatest being the importance of customer service. Her greatest joy is helping clients feel comfortable, informed, heard, and most of all how their relationship with the firm is valued.

After graduating from Prescott High School she moved to Austin, TX to attend Culinary School. While in the rigorous program, she worked at an incredible Italian restaurant learning to make everything from fresh pasta to hand-stretched mozzarella. Even though she loves cooking, she craved interaction with the customers so she asked to move positions and worked up to front-of-house manager. After several years she decided to return to school. She moved to attend the University of Oregon to receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration concentrating in Finance and minoring in Economics, graduating in 2021.

Cooking will always be a favorite hobby for Megan, and she can spend all day in the kitchen and it goes by in the blink of an eye. She also enjoys camping and hiking with her rescue dog Reginald.



Favorite Food:

Cacio e pepe with wild mushrooms

Best piece of financial advice received:

Start saving and investing as early as possible, know your goals and be disciplined to reach them.

Bucket list:

Overcome her fear of heights and ride in a hot air balloon.