Meet Kevin


Kevin adds value to clients by earning their business everyday by listening, being available and insuring alignment of their capital to their objectives and goals.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University. He was hired by a Wall Street firm prior to graduation, and lived and worked downtown Wall Street in the early eighties. He then transferred to the Arizona branch system. He is also a member of the CFA Society of Phoenix.

His passions include his family, friends, reading, travel and good conversation. Kevin and his wife Santina reside in Scottsdale and enjoy return visits to her native Italy and any nice beach worldwide.



Favorite Food:


Best Financial Advice:   

Broad Asset Class Exposure; Change infrequently.


Those that live well, live well hidden.

Famous Past/Present:     

Winston Churchill and Peggy Noonan

Hidden Talent:                


Favorite Book: 

House of Morgan (Non-Fiction); Grapes of Wrath (Fiction)

Favorite Movie:             

Out of Africa, 1985 Meryl Streep & Robert Redford

Favorite Holiday:           


Best Accomplishment:     

Father of two productive, loving and engaging global citizens

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