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Podcast Episode 7: How Our Services and Technology Has Evolved


On this episode, learn about how Lane Brothers has evolved since it was formed in 1990 to adapt to changes in the industry and support the addition of new team members in alignment with the SUCCESSion.

What you will hear on this episode:

  • How Lane Brothers started as a traditional stock and bond portfolio manager and how it has evolved with the changes in the industry and needs of our clients.
  • How Financial Planning has changed across the industry and how Lane Brothers has brought CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (aka CFP®) professionals in-house vs. outsourcing the service.
  • The way servicing our clients has evolved to leverage a team approach along with technology to support our clients.
  • How trading on the stock exchange has evolved and influenced our decisions and preferences for the types of securities included in client portfolios.
  • An overview of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • The importance of thoughtful innovation as we evaluate and adopt technology to add direct value for our clients or on-behalf of our clients with technology we use behind the scenes.
  • Our partnership with other tax and estate planning professionals to provide more comprehensive services, beyond investment management.

On this episode from Lane Brothers is:

  • Joe Allen, Wealth Advisor
  • Megan Lane, Associate Wealth Advisor and Director of Operations
  • Kevin Lane, Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor

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