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Podcast Episode 6: What Success in SUCCESSion Means to Us


On this episode, learn about what success in SUCCESSion means to Kevin, Megan & Joe. We purposefully titled the name of the Podcast to draw attention to SUCCESS.

What you will hear on this episode:

  • The client experience we DO NOT want.
  • Our plan to maintain a client-centric focus throughout the SUCCESSion.
  • How personal development and cross-training support a smooth SUCCESSion.
  • Our Team Approach to serving our clients.
  • Why we continue to be very transparent about our SUCCESSion.
  • Our desire to not just retain existing clients but also serve the next generation for our clients.
  • The importance of a plan and timeline to ensure success!

On this episode from Lane Brothers is:

  • Joe Allen, Wealth Advisor
  • Megan Lane, Associate Wealth Advisor and Director of Operations
  • Kevin Lane, Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor

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