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Podcast Episode 4: Getting to know the first ‘G2’


On this episode, learn about when the Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor, Kevin Lane, considered hiring the first 2nd Generation ‘G2’ Advisor…who also happened to be his daughter.

What you will hear on this episode:

  • Kevin’s initial thoughts on having his daughter, Megan, join the team.
  • Megan’s background and how she responded to the opportunity to join Lane Brothers.
  • Megan describes what it’s like working with her dad and the ground rules she established to protect their relationship.
  • Tease for the next episode: An introduction to the second “G2” of Lane Brothers.

On this episode from Lane Brothers is:

  • Joe Allen, Wealth Advisor
  • Megan Lane, Associate Wealth Advisor and Director of Operations
  • Kevin Lane, Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor

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