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Podcast Episode 3: Realization A Succession Plan Is Needed


On this episode, learn about when the Founder, Kevin Lane, first identified the need for a Succession Plan for Lane Brothers and what his initial steps were to identify and choose an approach.

What you will hear on this episode:

  • A pivotal year that triggered the need to establish a Succession Plan.
  • The first steps Kevin took to identify succession approaches and options.
  • Which option he decided to move forward with, and why?
  • Defining “G2” – 2nd Generation – team members.
  • Tease for the next episode: An introduction to the first “G2” of Lane Brothers.

On this episode from Lane Brothers is:

  • Joe Allen, Wealth Advisor
  • Megan Lane, Associate Wealth Advisor and Director of Operations
  • Kevin Lane, Founder and Senior Wealth Advisor

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