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We help our clients protect their capital while building wealth—freeing them to live their lives with less concern about money matters.

About Us 
Meet the team

Kevin Lane

Founder, Senior Wealth Advisor

Kevin adds value to clients by earning their business everyday by listening, being available and insuring alignment of their capital to their objectives and goals.Kevin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic...

Megan Lane

COO, Wealth Advisor

Megan Lane Associate Wealth Advisor and Director of Operations pursues her passion for finance and wealth management by meeting clients where they are. Providing them with the level of assistance and education that they desire. Her...

Joe Allen, CFP©, AIF®

CIO, Wealth Advisor

Joe’s journey to becoming a financial advisor began with his family. Before Joe and his wife, Wendy, got married, they were both incredibly passionate about making sure they were on a strong financial foundation with a plan to reach...

Lydia Rodriguez

Senior Relationship Manager

Lydia Rodriguez is a Senior Relationship Manager who boasts more than a decade of experience in client service. She is passionate about people and strives to understand their needs and how to best help them find their freedom. Lydia...

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